“Financial intelligence drives intelligent decisions”

Management reporting:

Weekly reports:

The weekly report cycles are a powerful management tool that can provide detailed analysis on the performance of the business on a weekly basis.


This moves the business from reacting to historic performance to proactively influencing and managing the outcome.


We do this with statistical analysis of financial and non-financial information which in turn provides guidance on key strengths and weakness of your business, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on areas that would not otherwise have become apparent on a timely basis.


Key areas of analysis are income, production and major cost KPIs.


Monthly reports:

Your monthly management accounts and their interpretation are where we believe we deliver real value to the business. We will discuss the results and the key factors influencing them and most importantly guide you with proposed action plans. We will then monitor your management team’s implementation of any decisions made as a consequence of this monthly review and report back to you.