"Accounting for the past, focusing on the future"

Business plan development:

It is vital to have a clear vision of where the business is going, and to identify the key measures of success.


Typically we will work with you and your key staff to develop a zero based financial plan. We have a great deal of practical experience in preparing budgets, forecasts and business plans. We will provide you with support, templates, advice on preparing annual budgets, business plans and assessment of new project proposals.


The management reporting cycles we implement naturally feed into the budget and forecasting process, and over time build up an invaluable body of historic data to use as a key base for future plans i.e.“Accounting for the past; Focusing on the future.”


That said, the budget will be meaningless unless we have established how it is to be achieved. To that end we will encourage and support you to develop a Sales and Marketing Plan, together with a Training Business Plan. In our view it is important that these plans are owned/prepared by the business itself, but we are there throughout to keep you on the right track.