“Hands on advice and implementation”

Our services:

  • CML offers specialist hotel consultancy services to hotel owners, operators, developers and investors, or those wishing to become involved in the hotel and hospitality industry.
  • CML offers “hands on” advice and implementation support in operational matters.
  • CML places your company under our microscope to examine your hotel operation and propose the changes needed so as to provide beneficial and timely results.
  • CML works with you and your team at a viable speed to achieve agreed tangible and sustainable improvements with long term benefits, a better bottom line and providing opportunities for continued growth.
  • Is your hotel losing market share? Is new competition coming into the market? Is customer satisfaction an issue? Have you got cash flow challenges? Have you a grip on finances? Are you considering new opportunities? Do you just need a second opinion?
  • From a minimum of 5 working days of highly intense consultancy on site, CML consultants will diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Their analysis will include:
    • revenues
    • costs and cash flow
    • organisation and people
    • competition
  • CML will provide you with a comprehensive and objective plan for significantly improving in performance
  • CML fixed price packages represent significant value providing high level, sharply focused advice in a very cost effective manner.
  • CML are cost effective, delivering the highest possible return in the shortest sensible time at the lowest feasible cost so your investment in us more than justifies the cost because we will bring more profitable solutions to you than we cost.